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India is a country of more than one billion people, India is an agricultural country. Diverse in their races and beliefs but one of their aspirations. The combination of a favourable global environment and the decisive economic policies of Indian entrepreneurship have filled the country's dormant potential and India is now on the path to becoming one of the world's leading economies. We are a company of people: by people, for people, by providing valuable education and protecting their lives and families from business opportunities with the protection of our progressive programs and international quality products, with a vision to make their dreams a reality. Magiclub Trading India Pvt. Ltd. Hosted by a Safe & Secure online marketing company, our website provides high quality online education covering a variety of topics and seeks information to enhance your knowledge. In doing so it allows you to earn commissions by referring products / services to other like-minded individuals. Magiclub Trading India Pvt. Ltd. It is a portal that offers you the potential to earn while learning from the rarity of business opportunities. Collaboration with top international and Indian brands allows us to produce the above products and education for us under our exclusive trademark / logo. Magiclub offers you various categories of educational products, lifestyle, technical products, organic grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, flowers, oils as well as dairy and bakery products, health and beauty and Ayurveda products, organic products for water purification and soil purification. Improving health and wealth by doing organic farming for agriculture, getting good quality produce and reaching all the households in the country and selling products directly from organic food that improve the health of all the people of the country. Our ever evolving gallery is expanding forever. Although we have taken care to include all our products in this website, we urge you to visit the website for the latest updates and additions to our product range. Magiclub is a professional group of highly motivated individuals. And by educating the lives of thousands of people, empowering them with quality products and providing unique e-entrepreneurial programs that allow them to learn, work and earn. Magiclub Trading India Pvt. Ltd. Is a direct selling company that deals with a variety of comprehensive and quality lifestyle products for everyday life. Our aim is to deliver the best products to our customer, making the core of the company direct. We ensure that our network of registered distributors is trained leaders and customers get the best with special benefits and lucrative opportunities, thanks to the growing dominance of the direct sales industry in the country. Advanced lifestyle High quality products Flexible and reliable buying / selling models Economic freedom with career opportunity Bright scope of expansion

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Magiclub is not a company, it's a system of distribution of fund by a unique strategy. Magiclub distributes 100% fund with exciting affiliate program and autofill.

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Our direct sales shopping models to pave the easy way to success for our distributor. Magiclub Trading India Pvt. Ltd. aims to provide such products and services. Let's invest a little to develop both good health and wealth and help others and our family financially in terms of cost. By doing so we will also pay attention to our social responsibility towards the society.

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  • One Account
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  • 5 Associate x ₹1100 : ₹5,500/-
  • Direct Income : ₹1200/-
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  • 21 Associate x ₹1100 : ₹23,100/-
  • Direct Income : ₹6,000/-
  • Indirect Income : ₹400/-